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Augusta is a market-leading foreign direct investment firm bringing together foreign investors and entrepreneurs with Sri Lanka business and investment opportunities.

About Us

Augusta has brought together foreign entrepreneurs and investors with Sri Lanka business and investment opportunities. We are recognised as a market-leading firm facilitating Foreign Direct Investment (‘FDI’) flows into the Sri Lanka enterprise economy, and closely align with Sri Lanka Government policy on inward investment and immigration.

We recognise that foreign direct investment flows not only provide growth capital to back aspiring entrepreneurs, invigorate small Sri Lanka companies raising finance and create jobs to sustain communities, but also produces a flow of diverse cultural and professional skills that enrich our society and support our nation’s global ambition


We can help with investments into Sri Lanka private companies.

From tech start-ups to fashion, healthcare manufacturing and renewable energy, we offer a wide range of pre-qualified investment opportunities.

To find out more or make an enquiry, please get in touch with our friendly team.



If you are looking for investment in order to grow your business, we are able to introduce a range of potential foreign investors with the financial assets and commitment to help you succeed.

​Foreign Direct Investment is a significant annual source of capital for Sri Lanka enterprises, and comes with the added value of an active investor potentially offering established routes to new markets and ready-made customer relationships, as well as new supply chain and manufacturing solutions.


Businesses from any sector are welcome to seek investment from Augusta clients.The minimum investment size is Rs. 2,000,000 and this can be in the form of equity or unsecured debt. The investor will become a Director of the company.

Typically, investors are most interested in Sri Lanka businesses that offer:

  • Good revenue
  • Growth potential
  • A strong management team
  • The ability to create jobs
  • Opportunities to benefit from having an overseas Director
  • Good corporate governance

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